The next big platform: How to address real-world consumers in real-time through offline, online, and mobile

“We prefer Seventeen Universe,” says the publication’s Editor-in-Chief Ann Shoket, in reference to the far-too-antiquated term, “magazine” presented in her introduction at last week’s Social Media Week panel.

Moderated by AdAge’s Kunur Patel, “The Big Shift: Brands, Media & Consumers in a Real-Time World” was a conversation between marketing minds of the media world Ann Shoket, Adam Lavelle (Chief Strategy Officer of iCrossing) and Soraya Darabi (founder of the skyrocketing location-based mobile app foodspotting).

We know that the publication is no longer solely glossy; but what’s more, a publication is no longer a piece of tangible reading material offered on multiple platforms. With the advent of the blogosphere, we noticed writing taking on a more candid edge, complemented by multimedia accents of color. As media went 2.0, editors and brand spokespeople were made credible experts – and even virtual celebrities – by way of dynamic suggestions. Now, mobile has taken the reigns within this real-time space. In fact, “next year, there will be more people with smartphones than clean water,” offered Soraya Darabi.

So how do PR pros and marketing moguls address a common audience within the tonal dichotomy of print, online, social and mobile content? Editors and experts can now speak to us with more direction no matter where we are.

Adam Lavelle suggests we look at a brand or publication’s mobile app as a reminder, a paradigm of thoughts that we can quite literally keep in our back pockets that has been vetted by credible experts.

With the Seventeen mobile app, for instance, editors have literally “peeled off the utility” of their content for readers. Yes, the Seventeen reader can rip out favored pages and throw them in her purse, but where is the convenience in that? The Seventeen mobile user can now use this community as an on-call resource while they’re bopping around Nolita or at the mall.

With content that’s constantly developed to suit the everyday consumer’s convenience (including a few Kaplow partnership ideas we brainstormed following the panel), I can see how Shoket can claim, “We are in partnership with our readers.”

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