20 Tips: Pitching Women’s Media

With 10 years of PR experience across home design, consumer retail and fashion, Kaplow Vice President Liz McGovern is a seasoned professional when it comes to pitching women’s media.  She knows how to reach the women’s market where they live, from mommy blogs to fashion glossies.  Liz recently shared her tips for pitching women’s media on Mediabistro‘s “20 Tips in 20 Minutes” webinar series.

Liz McGovern’s 20 Tips for Pitching Women’s Media:

  1. Know your audience: the media
  2. Know your audience: the reader
  3. Know the key trends in your industry
  4. Know their competition
  5. Make contact – and not just when you need something
  6. Love to lunch
  7. Help your friends
  8. Make sure your spokesperson is relatable…
  9. But, don’t rely on him or her entirely
  10. Blogs are all the rage…
  11. But, don’t neglect print
  12. Optimize pitches with video
  13. Entice with creative offers
  14. Be selective
  15. Discover companion outlets
  16. Write a captivating subject line
  17. Get to the point
  18. Don’t be overly promotional
  19. Be creative in follow-up
  20. Do it with heart

A free preview of the webinar is available to view on Mediabistro.com.  The full webinar is available with a site subscription.

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