A Toast to the Growing Kaplow Family

Here’s a toast we recently offered up to celebrate our five (!) moms-to-be at Kaplow as we all wish them the very best.

Moms-to-be at Kaplow
On  an ordinary day filled with dashboards , decks and more
Came news of an expectant bundle on Kaplow’s shore
Then, as the days passed, news gave way
To several more announcements  ’til five won the day!
I’ll never forget the staff meeting when we shared the news en masse
And I thought I might faint,  ’til a little time passed
I will never forget our moms-to-be parade
At the CEW demo, cool (but slightly insane)
Or client meetings where everywhere they look
A mom-to-be is carrying a briefing book
But as the days have gone by and I’ve watched each of you grow
It’s brought me back to a time of long ago
And I feel so happy and proud to have a place
Where moms can call Kaplow your home base
So let’s raise our orange juice glasses and let me say thank you
for all you do
And to wish you a world of happiness as your next chapter comes true.

Growing the Kaplow Family

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