Achieving Greatness

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This was truly a weekend of achievement. It started Friday at the CEW Achiever Awards where I was inspired by the honorees’ words. I couldn’t help but notice the same empowering themes that ran through all the speeches – be blunt, be passionate, remain committed, fight for what you believe in, be optimistic. I think it was Avon’s Sheri McCoy who really summed up how women lead and inspire: “It’s a balance of facts and feelings.” She is so right!

Everything really came full circle as I spent the rest of my weekend participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. We walked 39.3 miles, camped on Randall’s Island and graced several port-a-potties. But again, it was the words from inspiring women who made it most memorable. I was lucky enough to hear Sheri speak twice more and to have her as one of my fellow walkers. She literally went from the podium into the sea of pink walkers  – port-a-potties and all.  

Sheri was joined on the podium by my dear friend (and Kaplow client), Eloise Caggiano. Eloise is the director of the Avon Walks. She is also a survivor. At one of the rest stops, a walker came up to Eloise. They had shared a challenging bus ride through Washington, DC during another walk. The woman said to her, “I’m so glad I found you. I thought you were so cool on the bus in DC but after hearing you speak this morning at opening ceremonies, I see now that you are totally awesome.” I couldn’t have said it better.

We often wait for the big moments like the Achiever Awards to recognize inspiring women. I’m so lucky to have someone like Eloise as a constant in my life. She is a reminder that we are achieving greatness every day and we don’t have to walk a marathon-and-a-half to make a difference in someone’s life.

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