What The Election Means for Brands

Raise your hand if you were surprised by this year’s election results. You, too? Here in New York, it seemed like Clinton’s year. And just like the media, after the events of Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, we’re left reflecting

Liz Kaplow Receives 2016 Matrix Award

Monday, April 25th was a true celebration for the Kaplow family – our very own Liz Kaplow was honored with a Matrix Award by New York Women in Communications. Since 1970, NYWICI has lauded outstanding women in the communications and

Summer Highlights from Kaplow’s Interns

Summer intern team with Kaplow’s Jee Nah Chang Walker, from L to R: Patrick McCarron, Ilana Schwartz, Margie Smith, Jee Nah Chang Walker, Chloe Albanese and Ashley Blume A sure fire sign the summer is winding down: we said goodbye to our

A Dose of Inspiration from the Matrix Awards

The Kaplow team was on hand at last week’s Matrix Awards to support our fearless leader and New York Women in Communications President, Liz Kaplow. The NYWICI Matrix Awards honor outstanding women in the fields of advertising, books, broadcasting, film,

Finding Hope at MSKCC

Today is World Cancer Day, and while the disease can be cruel and painful, and it is always unfair, there are reasons to be hopeful as well. When Kaplow’s Wellness Squad encouraged us to find a volunteer organization, I decided

Training, Teamwork and 5k Races

I believe there are two types of people in this world – those who  think running a 5k is a piece of cake, and those who have zero interest OR are really intimidated by running in front of others, let

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