Top Winners at the 2012 CEW Beauty Awards

We gave you a glimpse into the cosmetic industry this March at the CEW Product Demonstration, and now we’re back. We’re bringing the top trends and key winners from last week’s CEW Beauty Insiders’ Choice Awards to you. Our Kaplow team was

Effectively Managing Oline Community

2011 Social Media Week had the digital world of New York City all a buzz, as industry experts, business folk and eager entrepreneurs came together to share best practices across the board. Being one of many fish swimming in the

Timing is Everything

I was always one to assume that early morning was the optimal time to publish blog posts and update all of the different channels of social media, in order to receive the most views, links, comments, likes, and increase your

Casual Video 101

Learn the tips and tools you need to start making your own casual video, from video cameras and webcams to the little details that will set your casual video above the rest. Tune in weekly, as I provide simple “How