Liz Kaplow Head Shot

Liz’s Life Lessons

Liz Kaplow recently shared what she’s learned as CEO – along with her top tips – for the New York Women in Communications Heritage Project. Whether you are just starting out or are mid-career, her advice is both actionable and

Unbinding the Hearts of Kaplow

The Speakers Bureau, cornerstone of the Outside/In Initiative at Kaplow, kicked off this week with Agapi Stassinopoulos, author of Unbinding the Heart.  Agapi shared wisdom and advice on how we can all reach our creative, spiritual and intellectual potential in front

Living the Recommended Life

Luvocracy (, the newest way to shop online, taps into word-of-mouth by allowing you to buy products based on the recommendations from people whose taste you trust. This concept came to life in Chelsea through a real-world experience for the

Success Means Being REAL

                      Not everyone who works in a PR agency always worked in a PR agency. Case in point, I spent almost ten years working in digital marketing before coming to

Why, Oh Why Do We Measure?

                  My four-year-old niece has recently reached the point in her life where she wants to know, “Why?” “Why is the sky blue?” “Why is grass green?” and other deeply metaphysical and

TV Goes Social

                    Most of us already know how to share our whereabouts, interests and random thoughts through Facebook and Twitter, but have you started checking-in to your favorite television shows yet (you

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