Massage Away Stress

Massages are increasingly finding their way into the workplace – and for good reason. “An estimated 1 million workers are absent every day due to stress. […] Research has validated the positive effects of massage therapy on job performance and

Bringing “Om” To Work

    Kaplow’s Wellness Squad is committed to spotting the latest health and fitness trends and bringing these healthy experiences and ideas to our employees and clients. According to Yoga many large corporations including: Google, Chase Manhattan Bank, Nike,

Insider Perspective: Prioritizing and Getting Ahead

I always enjoy attending CEW’s Beauty Insider Series, a monthly panel where influencers and thought leaders meet to discuss topics that are shaping our industry. The most recent event was conducted with leading beauty industry executives—Unilever’s Gina Boswell, Executive Vice President, Personal

Tips for Real Happiness at Work

Kaplow had the honor of welcoming best-selling author Sharon Salzberg to our office to discuss her latest book, Real Happiness at Work. Salzberg, one of the leaders in bringing the practice of mindfulness to America, spoke to us about studying Buddhism in India in

Content: Who’s in Charge Now?

New York Women in Communications hosts an amazing monthly Cocktails & Conversations series that brings together inspiring women in leadership positions to talk about hot industry topics. The latest event titled, “Content: Who’s in Charge Now?,” addressed content today and how the

Women Inspiring Women to Succeed at Work

There is nothing I love more than being inspired and getting advice from really smart and accomplished women. After Tuesday’s New York Women in Communications Coffee & Conversations panel I have a refreshed outlook on my career as a woman

Make The Call

I understand that journalists and producers are very busy. I respect their time and want to help them make the most of it (hopefully in a way that spotlights my clients). Emails can be an effective pitching tool in some

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