The Win Win

My father was a great soft sell. I would watch in wonder how he would negotiate with a car salesman to get the best price. This was long before the days of leasing and that car had to last you

Leadership Lessons from Charlie Brown

Growing up, I thought that Lucy from Charlie Brown was an inspiring  leader. She spoke with such certainty and confidence. When she boomed, “Snow grows  up from the ground like grass, Charlie Brown!!!!” she owned it.  She clearly got the

Life Is A Relay Race

You are not on the debate team anymore. You are running a relay race. Those on their high school debate team know that winning the point is everything. You wear your opponent down with steadfast logic and sheer grit.  You

T.R.E.E. A Culture of Growth

The middle of summer is always a time to be inspired. I for one have always found that there are great lessons to be learned by paying attention to nature at its height. After over two decades of leading Kaplow,

BlogHer: From CMO’s to Up-and-Comers

I just completed two days at the BlogHer Entrepreneur Conference where I was inspired by Skype CMO Elisa Steele’s brilliant opening remarks – communicated via Skype, of course! I had the chance to mentor two interesting up-and-comers, and spent a

A Toast to the Growing Kaplow Family

Here’s a toast we recently offered up to celebrate our five (!) moms-to-be at Kaplow as we all wish them the very best. Moms-to-be at Kaplow On  an ordinary day filled with dashboards , decks and more Came news of

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