How to Reach Everyone and Their Mother

A few nights ago New York Women in Communications helped launch “Social Media Week” with an event titled “Bridging the Generation Gap: Reaching Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials.” Kaplow’s own EIC, the incomparable Nick Charles, was one of the

State of Style Summit

I attended the inaugural State of Style Summit yesterday, hosted by fashion and style platform, StyleCaster. The event included some of the  fashion industry’s biggest influencers and tastemakers, who discussed fashion and beauty’s changing trends in the digital age. Speakers

The “Times Square Effect”

  Today’s connected consumer suffers from what can only be termed the “Times Square Effect.” The other night, I walked out of a Broadway show and was immediately bombarded by the neon signs and noisy soundtracks of brands trying to

Avon Paints the Town Pink for Breast Cancer

I am so proud to be part of the annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, which held its ninth annual walk here in New York this past weekend. As a long-term partner of Avon’s, we are so honored to be able to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer through this amazing annual event. In addition to working on the series of walks throughout the year with Avon, Team Kaplow also strapped on our walking shoes and covered the 39.3 miles with thousands of other supporters and survivors.

Pretty Polished

In the spirit of summer fun, a few of the Kaplow girls had some team bonding over manicures. Thanks to the Kaplow Team for planning fun summer outings!

Hitting the Greens

Members of the Kaplow team braved the New York heat to get some fresh air at the golf course.  Check out the photos from the fun summer outing below!  

Measurement is Goal-Setting

Did our PR program work? That’s the big question every communications professional asks at the completion of an initiative. The answer is simple. It did if it met our goals. And when those goals can be measured, we’ll know. The

The Effect of Social Media on Brands

As Kaplow’s new summer intern, I was fortunate to attend the 140 Characters Conference in NYC this year.   While I was there, I had the privilege of listening to Hank Wasiak, Jay Ehret, DJ Khaled, Matt Gibbs and Mark Horvath

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