Blue Planet Run Team Members Wed in Niagara Falls

Blue Planet Run Team mebers Wedding race

Not only has Kaplow client Blue Planet Foundation raised global awareness about the need for safe drinking water, but it has also helped two individuals find love in the most unusual of circumstances. Jason Loutitt and Taeko Terauchi, who met and fell in love on the Blue Planet Run, were married August 28, 2007, in Niagara Falls. Jason, from Vancouver, British Columbia, and Taeko, from Tokyo, are part of the Blue Planet Run team – “20 ordinary male and female athletes doing extraordinary things.”

At its end on September 4, The Blue Planet Run will have covered 15,200 miles, across 16 countries and 4 continents, 24 hours a day for 95 days and delivered an extremely urgent and important message: we can and must begin today to alleviate the catastrophic burden placed on over a billion people who, every day, must drink unsafe local water, or travel long distances on foot to search for safe water for themselves and their families.

Despite their language barrier, Jason and Taeko have endured the journey of Blue Planet Run together. A wedding-day blog entry written by Dot Helling, a Blue Planet Run team member from Vermont recounts the event:

“The wedding of Taeko and Jason was beautiful. The weather cooperated and the setting in a verdant green field across from the Niagara Falls was perfect. The couple ran 10 miles in one wedding outfit and then changed to something more formal for the ceremony. All teams were represented as well as the staff and media. We runners were bridesmaids and groomsmen. The couple chose the music and the staff provided a gorgeous cake with punch and flowers. Jin Zidell, founder of the Blue Planet Run, gave away the bride. Sunila Jayaraj from India served as best man and Melissa Moon from New Zealand stood up for Taeko. Laura Furtado and I were honored to be the legal witnesses to the marriage.”

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