Bringing “Om” To Work



yoga day

Kaplow’s Wellness Squad is committed to spotting the latest health and fitness trends and bringing these healthy experiences and ideas to our employees and clients.

According to Yoga many large corporations including: Google, Chase Manhattan Bank, Nike, General Motors and Apple offer ongoing yoga classes as a benefit to keep employees motivated, healthy and productive. Studies have suggested that yoga in the workplace can be “effective for reducing perceived stress, alleviating back pain, and improving psychological well-being.”

After noticing this trend, we recently held our first-ever annual “Yoga Day.” We started with a healthy breakfast – fresh fruit for all participants.

Certified yoga instructor and holistic health coach Julie Finkel joined Kaplow for the afternoon to instruct an hour-long class. The Vinyasa-style session focused on stretching muscles that tend to tighten up while at work.

All Kaplow “Yoga Day” attendees left feeling energized and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Namaste!

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