Cafe Press Selects Kaplow as AOR

unique and innovative internet retailer

Top Online Marketplace for User-Generated Commerce Partners with Kaplow to Unleash the Power of Personal Expression

Kaplow announced the addition of CafePress to its diverse portfolio of category-leading consumer brands. CafePress, the leader of user-generated commerce, is an online marketplace boasting more than 11 million unique visitors each month. It provides users with the tools to create, buy and sell merchandise featuring their own unique art and designs. These offerings translate into an unparalleled catalog of millions of distinctive and expressive products. Kaplow was awarded the business after demonstrating a deep understanding of the buyer-seller dynamic and for strategic insight into reaching the right media, influencers and consumers online and off.

CafePress celebrates personal expression and design, empowering individuals to not only accessorize their worlds, but to also transform their creative designs into new revenue streams. With more than 6.5 million users creating nearly 45,000 new products on the site each day, almost every topic imaginable—from presidential elections and news events to niche hobbies and special occasions—receives discussion on CafePress. CafePress visually brings to life public sentiment in an expressive way through their T-shirt, home, and other printable offerings.

“As CafePress continues to pioneer the world of user-generated commerce having a partner that understands the importance of creating a dialogue with a large colorful community is critical,” said Amy Maniatis, vice president of marketing for CafePress. “Kaplow is the perfect partner to help us tell our story.”

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