A Dose of Inspiration from the Matrix Awards

The Kaplow team was on hand at last week’s Matrix Awards to support our fearless leader and New York Women in Communications President, Liz Kaplow. The NYWICI Matrix Awards honor outstanding women in the fields of advertising, books, broadcasting, film,

The Real Adam Pays Kaplow a Visit

I’ve always believed that brands should have roots and wings. They should remain true to their heritage but evolve and dimensionalize over time. Adam Glassman, O Magazine’s creative director, stopped by Kaplow today, and we talked about how the iconic

7 Reasons Why SXSW Still Rocks

By – Chaim Haas and Nadina Guglielmetti There was a lot of talk leading up to South by Southwest (SXSW) last month that the conference had “jumped the shark.” After attending the conference, we’re glad to report that there’s still a

The State of Blogging Today

As part of Kaplow’s Outside In Conversation series, we welcomed Stacy Morrison, Editor in Chief and Director of Content Programming for BlogHer, to share her insights on current web trends and the future of the blogosphere. A true ‘tradigitalist,’ Morrison

Tips for Real Happiness at Work

Kaplow had the honor of welcoming best-selling author Sharon Salzberg to our office to discuss her latest book, Real Happiness at Work. Salzberg, one of the leaders in bringing the practice of mindfulness to America, spoke to us about studying Buddhism in India in

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