Giving Google+ a Chance

I admit I’m not sold on Google+. It’s selfish really – I don’t want another profile to update or network to build up. But, amidst reports that the social platform has surpassed 90 million users and will be rolling out its Search, plus

3 Takeaways from Social Media Weekend

Whether you’re new to social media or a seasoned user, Sree Sreenivasan’s Social Media Weekend was meant to be a learning experience for everyone. The primary goal behind this event was to share best practices with journalists and media professionals when using

Avon Paints the Town Pink for Breast Cancer

I am so proud to be part of the annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, which held its ninth annual walk here in New York this past weekend. As a long-term partner of Avon’s, we are so honored to be able to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer through this amazing annual event. In addition to working on the series of walks throughout the year with Avon, Team Kaplow also strapped on our walking shoes and covered the 39.3 miles with thousands of other supporters and survivors.

The City is Your Playground

Foursquare: Is it a game you played on the playground; or is it a game you play in the palm of your hand, with your city as the playground? Neither, actually. Though just as playful, foursquare is more useful than

Kaplow’s Halloween Spooktacular

Kaplow showed the Halloween spirit last night at our agency “Spooktacular.” We geared up for the weekend festivities with monster mashing and sweet treats including apple cider, festive pies, and a bucket full of delicious candy. Thanks to Claire, Tori,

Kaplow Hosts Girl Scouts of New York City

In November, Liz Kaplow, CEO of Kaplow Communications, received the 2009 Women of Distinction Award from the Girl Scouts of America.  Kaplow’s relationship with the Girl Scouts has since grown, and today Kaplow excitedly welcomed 20 Girl Scouts of New

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