Kaplow Announces First Employee Awards

As part of Kaplow’s ongoing program to recognize the achievements and outstanding work of its employees, Kaplow announced the first set of employee awards at an agency-wide staff meeting.  Ranging in categories from Best Media Placement to The Sunshine Award

From Liz Kaplow’s Laptop

The power of our incoming talent pool.  They are plugged in, savvy and connected marketers. And they are often under 21. On the hunt for PR innovators? At our agency, we’ve had great success finding a new crop of smart,

Kaplow’s EVP, Tina Haskins Chadha, in PR Week

Nicole Zerillo November 10 2008 Logo change provides unique opportunity to focus message Several well-known brands have recently introduced new logos, including Starbucks and, more recently, Pepsi-Cola. The company unveiled its new “smile” logo last month as part of a

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