Leadership Lessons from Charlie Brown

Growing up, I thought that Lucy from Charlie Brown was an inspiring  leader. She spoke with such certainty and confidence. When she boomed, “Snow grows  up from the ground like grass, Charlie Brown!!!!” she owned it.  She clearly got the

Training, Teamwork and 5k Races

I believe there are two types of people in this world – those who  think running a 5k is a piece of cake, and those who have zero interest OR are really intimidated by running in front of others, let

Do Good, Feel Good

The Kaplow Wellness Squad incentivized employees in the month of August to volunteer with an organization of their choosing for an additional day off!  Not only do I feel better when I volunteer, but it also feels good to be

Kaplow Visits Project Morry

Clients look to Kaplow to tell the story behind their brands, one that not only makes them relatable, but also relevant in today’s evolving world.  However, before any one of us learned to tell a brand’s story, we first had

T.R.E.E. A Culture of Growth

The middle of summer is always a time to be inspired. I for one have always found that there are great lessons to be learned by paying attention to nature at its height. After over two decades of leading Kaplow,

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