With Heartfelt Thoughts

It is with heartfelt thoughts that Evan and I extend our best to all of you, your friends and your families during this recovery period from hurricane Sandy.  Over this past week, we have all experienced the storm in different

An Amazing Day At Project Morry

              I recently had the honor of participating in Kaplow’s annual Volunteer Day with a group of fellow colleagues. We took the day off from our office duties and carpooled upstate to Glen Spey,

Success Means Being REAL

                      Not everyone who works in a PR agency always worked in a PR agency. Case in point, I spent almost ten years working in digital marketing before coming to

Klout: What’s it All About?

        If you work in marketing, PR or social media, you may have heard buzz around the water cooler about a new-ish site called Klout. Maybe you signed in, saw what looked like an arbitrary number next

Social Media Lessons from Martha Stewart

        I recently attended the 8th Annual BlogHer Conference. It was great to walk the show floor among 4,000 bloggers and observe how brands showcase their products and services in creative and innovative ways. However, the highlight

Why, Oh Why Do We Measure?

                  My four-year-old niece has recently reached the point in her life where she wants to know, “Why?” “Why is the sky blue?” “Why is grass green?” and other deeply metaphysical and

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