State of Style Summit

I attended the inaugural State of Style Summit yesterday, hosted by fashion and style platform, StyleCaster. The event included some of the  fashion industry’s biggest influencers and tastemakers, who discussed fashion and beauty’s changing trends in the digital age. Speakers

Giving Google+ a Chance

I admit I’m not sold on Google+. It’s selfish really – I don’t want another profile to update or network to build up. But, amidst reports that the social platform has surpassed 90 million users and will be rolling out its Search, plus

3 Takeaways from Social Media Weekend

Whether you’re new to social media or a seasoned user, Sree Sreenivasan’s Social Media Weekend was meant to be a learning experience for everyone. The primary goal behind this event was to share best practices with journalists and media professionals when using

The Sexy Way

Case-Mate CES 2012 Recap As a fashionista living in Manhattan, the thought of going to the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was quite intimidating. After all, I prefer a PC over a Mac and my old BlackBerry

The “Times Square Effect”

  Today’s connected consumer suffers from what can only be termed the “Times Square Effect.” The other night, I walked out of a Broadway show and was immediately bombarded by the neon signs and noisy soundtracks of brands trying to

2011 Holmes Agency Report Card

Hot off the press! Kaplow is pleased to share its listing in the 2011 Holmes Report “Agency Report Card.” Kaplow kick-started its 20th year in 2011 with exciting new business additions and a revamped senior management team, quickly overcoming any

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