Steve Garfield at Kaplow

This past Wednesday, Kaplow had the pleasure of hosting Steve Garfield, one of the first video bloggers and a leading figure in the social media video space. Steve is the author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your

Brand Building the Digital Way

At Kaplow, we strive to help our clients directly reach their consumers and change their brand’s conversation. Thus, we expanded our services to include video production and multi-media development. Leading this new division is Dana Glaser, Vice President of Media

Save the Children Foundation in Haiti

“I continue to be proud of the Kaplow employees because of their concern about issues around the world and their willingness to take action to make a difference.” Evan Jacobs, CFO In wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Kaplow

Diaper Duty

by Juliana Jacobs “Kaplow and Baby Buggy have been teaming up for over 6 years with donations throughout the year and especially during the holiday season. Kaplow feels it is important to provide essential infant needs given the difficult economic

Algonquin 3.0: Don’t Write Them Off

Just a few doors down from the Kaplow office, at the Algonquin Hotel, thought leaders met for a panel discussion on Tuesday to discuss the changing shape of the media landscape. The panelists were joined by Kaplow clients, friends of

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