Fashion in the Workplace: Getting into Part

In “lessons learned” I always try to address work issues through personal experiences. I’ve looked at topics from the leadership styles of Charlie Brown versus Lucy (gleaned from years of watching Peanuts, not to mention playing Lucy in the second

Tips for Real Happiness at Work

Kaplow had the honor of welcoming best-selling author Sharon Salzberg to our office to discuss her latest book, Real Happiness at Work. Salzberg, one of the leaders in bringing the practice of mindfulness to America, spoke to us about studying Buddhism in India in

What Would I Change? Nothing.

When I was hired as an intern for the fall semester of 2013 at Kaplow, I was beyond excited. An English major, I aspire to go into public relations once I graduate. I did not know what to expect, but

The Win Win

My father was a great soft sell. I would watch in wonder how he would negotiate with a car salesman to get the best price. This was long before the days of leasing and that car had to last you

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