Leadership Lessons from Charlie Brown

Growing up, I thought that Lucy from Charlie Brown was an inspiring  leader. She spoke with such certainty and confidence. When she boomed, “Snow grows  up from the ground like grass, Charlie Brown!!!!” she owned it.  She clearly got the

Life Is A Relay Race

You are not on the debate team anymore. You are running a relay race. Those on their high school debate team know that winning the point is everything. You wear your opponent down with steadfast logic and sheer grit.  You

Achieving Greatness

This was truly a weekend of achievement. It started Friday at the CEW Achiever Awards where I was inspired by the honorees’ words. I couldn’t help but notice the same empowering themes that ran through all the speeches – be

Training, Teamwork and 5k Races

I believe there are two types of people in this world – those who  think running a 5k is a piece of cake, and those who have zero interest OR are really intimidated by running in front of others, let

Do Good, Feel Good

The Kaplow Wellness Squad incentivized employees in the month of August to volunteer with an organization of their choosing for an additional day off!  Not only do I feel better when I volunteer, but it also feels good to be

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