Tips & Tricks for Working with Local Media

Technology has made the world feel small, but the importance of local media hasn’t changed. To get a fresh perspective on working with our own local media contacts, members of Kaplow attended PRSA’s “Meet the Media” New York City panel.

Mashable Comes to Kaplow!

Pete Cashmore, the founder and CEO of Mashable, and Stacy Martinet, CMO of the award-winning website, recently paid a visit to Kaplow as part of our Speakers Bureau. Together, they shared their insights into what is fueling Mashable’s rapid-fire growth.

Content: Who’s in Charge Now?

New York Women in Communications hosts an amazing monthly Cocktails & Conversations series that brings together inspiring women in leadership positions to talk about hot industry topics. The latest event titled, “Content: Who’s in Charge Now?,” addressed content today and how the

Leadership Lessons from Charlie Brown

Growing up, I thought that Lucy from Charlie Brown was an inspiring  leader. She spoke with such certainty and confidence. When she boomed, “Snow grows  up from the ground like grass, Charlie Brown!!!!” she owned it.  She clearly got the

Life Is A Relay Race

You are not on the debate team anymore. You are running a relay race. Those on their high school debate team know that winning the point is everything. You wear your opponent down with steadfast logic and sheer grit.  You

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