Make The Call

I understand that journalists and producers are very busy. I respect their time and want to help them make the most of it (hopefully in a way that spotlights my clients). Emails can be an effective pitching tool in some

Trend Watch: Mobile Moments

In 2010, several thought leaders declared that that it was the “Year of Mobile,”  but brands at that time weren’t ready and technology was not evolved enough to capitalize on the platform. Now, 2013 is truly becoming the ‘Year of

CEW Trends on Twitter!

Last night, the best and brightest in the beauty industry joined Kaplow’s longtime friend and client, Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW), for the 2013 Product Demonstration. Brands presented their newest innovations and CEW President Carlotta Jacobson spoke to media and influencers

Living the Recommended Life

Luvocracy (, the newest way to shop online, taps into word-of-mouth by allowing you to buy products based on the recommendations from people whose taste you trust. This concept came to life in Chelsea through a real-world experience for the

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