What The Election Means for Brands

Raise your hand if you were surprised by this year’s election results. You, too? Here in New York, it seemed like Clinton’s year. And just like the media, after the events of Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, we’re left reflecting

Are Campaigns Dead? Kaplow Has a Say…

At this year’s Advertising Week Liz Kaplow was a panelist for “Your Digital Strategy is Killing You…Learn How Total Community Can Save You” along with panelists representing GoPro and Skype. “We believe in one brand story told in many different

Saying Goodbye to our Summer Interns

There are memorable internships, and then there are memorable interns. Over the past few years I’ve seen rock star interns come through Kaplow’s doors, but the interns of Summer 2014 have not only impressed me, they have made a lasting

A Dose of Inspiration from the Matrix Awards

The Kaplow team was on hand at last week’s Matrix Awards to support our fearless leader and New York Women in Communications President, Liz Kaplow. The NYWICI Matrix Awards honor outstanding women in the fields of advertising, books, broadcasting, film,

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