ROI: The Risk of Being Ignored

As someone that’s worked in both the traditional and digital media for nearly a decade, I’ve been privy to a number of conversations around the bottom line. Most of them end with, “How will this help my business?” or “What’s

Trend Watch: Mobile Moments

In 2010, several thought leaders declared that that it was the “Year of Mobile,”  but brands at that time weren’t ready and technology was not evolved enough to capitalize on the platform. Now, 2013 is truly becoming the ‘Year of

What makes a topic trend on Twitter?

When I saw that #cewevents was a Twitter trending topic during the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Product Demo for their Beauty Awards on March 6th, as the head of Kaplow’s analytics department, the first thing that jumped out at me

Success Means Being REAL

                      Not everyone who works in a PR agency always worked in a PR agency. Case in point, I spent almost ten years working in digital marketing before coming to

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