A Social Twist On America’s Pastime

When April rolls around, it means one thing: Baseball! Each April, thirty-two teams begin their quest for the Commissioner’s Trophy. Awarded to the World Series Champions since 1967, it represents the end of the marathon season a team must survive

Instagram Your Brand

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is increasingly true for brands on social media. Last year Twitter prioritized images by bringing native photo sharing to the platform layout; Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm shows preference to posts with photos; and

TV Goes Social

                    Most of us already know how to share our whereabouts, interests and random thoughts through Facebook and Twitter, but have you started checking-in to your favorite television shows yet (you

SXSW 2012: The Importance of Listening

There’s been one theme that has come up in every conversation here at SXSW: LISTEN. But the context of this worthy advice has varied widely. For budding entrepreneurs, it is vital to listen and acknowledge the users’ needs. We happen

Hello Brand, Nice To Meet You

At SXSW 2012, in Austin, TX, beyond panels and solo talks and forums and Meet Ups and blogger lounge interviews, lies a world of possibility to actually connect with people who might literally blow you away. Take David Eagleman for example.

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