The Sexy Way

Case-Mate CES 2012 Recap As a fashionista living in Manhattan, the thought of going to the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was quite intimidating. After all, I prefer a PC over a Mac and my old BlackBerry

The “Times Square Effect”

  Today’s connected consumer suffers from what can only be termed the “Times Square Effect.” The other night, I walked out of a Broadway show and was immediately bombarded by the neon signs and noisy soundtracks of brands trying to

The Effect of Social Media on Brands

As Kaplow’s new summer intern, I was fortunate to attend the 140 Characters Conference in NYC this year.   While I was there, I had the privilege of listening to Hank Wasiak, Jay Ehret, DJ Khaled, Matt Gibbs and Mark Horvath

The City is Your Playground

Foursquare: Is it a game you played on the playground; or is it a game you play in the palm of your hand, with your city as the playground? Neither, actually. Though just as playful, foursquare is more useful than

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