YouTube: The New Campfire

Representing the Kstudio team, I attended a panel session entitled “YouTube as the New Campfire” during Social Media Week. During this session, the panelists talked about the qualities required for a video to be successful. Not only must the video

Effectively Managing Oline Community

2011 Social Media Week had the digital world of New York City all a buzz, as industry experts, business folk and eager entrepreneurs came together to share best practices across the board. Being one of many fish swimming in the

Ladies Loom Large on World Wide Web

What are women up to when they head online? comScore, a marketing research company, tries to answer just that in a report issued recently, entitled Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping the Internet. The study takes an in-depth

Twitter Underwater at #140conf

Who says you can’t take Twitter under water? My learning at this week’s 140 character conference (#140conf) says otherwise. When I found out that famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau’s grandson, Fabien Cousteau, would be presenting a talk, I felt like a kid again — I used to beg my parents to stay up late to watch his TV specials. Fabien, who along with his father Jean-Michel Cousteau host the PBS show Ocean Adventures, discussed how the emergence of the real-time web and social media has effected how he interacts with his audience.

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