Changing the World 140 Characters at a Time

The second and final day of the 140 Characters Conference, which explores the effects of real-time internet on both our professional and personal lives, is today at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. If you can’t make it over there, follow the action via the #140conf hashtag on, or you can live stream the event here:

The conference features 10-15 minute talks about how social media is changing society, particularly in the industries of journalism, education, music and consumer brands. I attended yesterday and some of my favorite talks included:

  • Chris Lehmann, Principal at Science Leadership Academy, who gave a compelling speech about how schools are training students instead of educating them, and how innovative technologies are great for efficiency, but are only helpful if we take the time to stop and talk about them.
  • Rock Critic Chris Weingarten, who claimed that good writing and rock criticism is dying in the hands of SEO.
  • Alon Nir, who is helping people place prayers in Jerusalem’s Western Wall via Twitter.

Check out this event today (it’s sold out, but we hear security’s a bit lax) or watch the talks online.

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