Danielle Arceneaux Takes on TEDActive

Creative professionals need to take time to recharge their batteries, and this year, Senior Vice President Danielle Arceneaux had the opportunity to do just that at the annual TEDActive (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference, dedicated to spreading and sharing free knowledge and inspiration.  The event featured 50 fascinating thinkers and doers who gave insightful 18-minute talks.

This year’s theme was “What the World Needs is…” and talks were arranged under various themes such as: mindshift, discovery, reason, provocation, invention, breakthrough, boldness, imagination, play, simplicity and wisdom.

Danielle’s favorite talks were:
•    Mark Roth, a biologist who is pioneering the field of suspended animation, i.e. the art of shutting down life processes and then starting them up again.

•    LXD, the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, combined jaw-dropping dance moves with a dramatic, comic book narrative that led to an incredible long standing ovation and a subsequent performance three weeks later at the Oscars.

•    Jane McGonigal discussed her Institute for the Future, which asserts that the real world is broken and can only be fixed if we make it work in ways similar to massive, multiplayer games.

No matter the speaker, the predominant topic of many speeches was sustainability.  This opened the door to consider the concept of sustainable PR, or the notion of developing hard-working public relations programs that don’t require a huge investment in funds or human resources to maintain.  One example is social media, where publicists have the exciting opportunity to speak directly to consumers and brand ambassadors.

Kaplow looks forward to exploring ways to nurture ingenuity and grow sustainable PR.

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