Do you dabble in Scrabble?

Courtesy of Flickr dittma_d

If so, you may want to search the web for the newest version of the game, Scrabble Trickster. This updated version, which is launching in the UK, overturns one of the deep-rooted tenants of the traditional game: avoiding proper nouns. The new guideline would allow players to jack up their score with the names of exotic cities (Quogue or Qamdo) and celebrities (Zepplin, Zappa or ZZ Top) which could contain tricky-to-use Scrabble tiles like Q, Z, J and X.

Devotees to the word game can relax (12 points) – no changes are being made to the original. Those who like to quibble (20 points) will still argue over whether or not “Oreo” (4 points) is admissible.

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