eBay’s Foray into YouTube Finds Wide Audience

Understanding that consumers everywhere had burning questions such as “Does this tie bring out the Obama or McCain in me?” or “How can I incorporate Plasti Dip into my life?”, Kaplow produced and directed three “How-To” videos featuring the eBay Style Squad.

Constance White, eBay’s Fashion Director, discussed the fashion habits of six of the leading presidential candidates while Shawn Henderson, eBay’s Design Director, showed how to make funky holiday décor with sticky Plasti Dip. Cat Schwartz, eBay’s Toy & Gadget Director, showed how to techno-trick out Granny with several “senior-friendly” gadgets. The videos, which live on their own YouTube channel, were posted on blogs such as GeekSugar and Apartment Therapy. Thousands have learned “how-to” on YouTube.

Constance WhiteShawn HendersonCat Schwartz

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