Essential Elements of Success in PR

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to write three posts for the PRWeek Insider blog and talk about what I believe are the essential elements of success as a PR practitioner. They also happen to be three of my favorite topics – finding humanity in a technology driven world, the power of CSR to tell a brand story and relationship-building.

Everybody loves a good story, and transmedia storytelling has introduced a new level of creativity into the communications field. Brands now have even more tools at their disposal to emotionally connect with their audiences, and audiences are now part of the story. This two-way conversation naturally gives rise to new opportunities for brands to focus on humanity, CSR, and relationships.

I’ve always loved public relations because at its core is a deep connection between ideas, brands, and the people who love them. Now that we have even more ways to tell our stories, the world of possibilities for PR practitioners is wide open.

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