Everything You Ever wanted to Know About Facebook Timelime for Brands

After the release of the Timeline for Facebook Profile Pages in September, chatter around when Facebook would release Timeline for brand pages surfaced. With no clear answer as to when to anticipate any changes, it seemed inevitable Facebook would announce an official roll out of Timeline for brand pages. In this case, they choose to do so at their very first marketing conference, fMC (Facebook Marketing Conference) held this week. The brand pages include a heavy focus on visual elements, brand heritage and changes to the previous functionalities for admins. Here are the significant changes every brand marketer should be aware of.

Say Goodbye To Default Landing Tabs:

Tabs are no more! Banking on a Default Landing Tab is no longer the way of the future. Having been pushed into a section designated for apps, you are now limited to 12 apps, 4 visibly shown at the top of your page. Along with being given the option to customize the image former tabs, the dimensions of apps have also changed giving you added freedom with more space. What marketers previously used as a way to encourage Likes, now seems obsolete as fans will no longer be required to like your page.

Cover Photo:

Similar to what you will see on Timeline for Profile Pages, Cover Photo gives fans an immediate visual impact of what your brand represents. A new take on the welcome banner, it does come with some limitations. The inclusion of any calls to action, references to Facebook features, purchasing or brand information, are not allowed according to Facebook guidelines.

Friend Activity: Interactions your friends have had with a page are now highlighted in this section. Likes, tagged posts and comments are just one of the new ways Timeline for Brand Pages is trying to leverage brand story telling.

Pinning, Milestones And Starring:

Pinning allows you to anchor an important post to the top of your page for 7 days, a great way to keep posts from getting lost in a sea of content. This particular option will be a huge benefit for keeping fans up to date with promotions.

Milestones and starring enable you to tell the story of your brand. Starting from inception, you can now share with your community all your special dates and moments. When adding a Milestone, a photo is mandatory; you are also able to specify the location, exact date and story behind the mandatory photo. Starring also enables you to highlight particular moments, and stretch the width of the page like Milestones.

Activity Log And Admin Panel:

The new Admin Panel is meant to better assist provide you with greater awareness as to what is happening on your page, including the following items: insights, new likes, page tips, notifications, private messages and activity log. Private messaging gives your community the opportunity to reach out like they never have before. In order to utilize this feature, fans must initiate the conversation.

Your Activity Log, located in the Admin Panel, shows all post you have made to your page, including those which have been hidden. Here you can also change dates, star, unhide and delete posts.

Other Important Features To Note:

Ability to change the name of your Page: Facebook is now giving brand Pages the opportunity to change their name, should it be misspelled or inaccurate.

Pencil Icon: The Pencil Icon, located on the corner of each post, gives you the option to pin, hide, delete, change the date of posts and reposition for photos.

For a crash course into the new Facebook Pages, take a look at the video learning module provided by Facebook. Also important to note, as of March 30th the new Timeline for Brand Pages will be mandatory, meaning brands will have one month to devise new strategies for how to best leverage these new features.

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