From Liz Kaplow’s Laptop: Changing Conservations in Today’s Media Landscape

In PR, we are storytellers. Many think that this practice will be lost as technology changes the way we absorb and react to the media. But whether we’re speaking with a fashion blogger, an evening news producer or the person sitting next to us on a plane, it is the way we tell the story that gives it legs.

I remember when I had my “Aha!” moment early on in my career. I was sitting with a client who distributed very fine pantyhose that sold for $40 a pair. He spoke with such passion and knowledge about his product, owning a pair seemed to become as core to one’s existence as the very water we drink. He was so convincing that no matter if you worked every day on a farm or at the White House, you wanted to own a pair. He had the passion to change the conversation about the way women thought of and valued a commodity as common as pantyhose. In essence, I knew he had a story to tell and I thought it was worthy of Forbes. After the two-page spread in Forbes appeared, I remember thinking that the best PR can change the conversation about a product, brand or industry.

Today, the media landscape requires that we use many more tools to change conversations for our clients. By taking risks in the digital arena, we can talk directly to the consumer and influencers and inspire them to participate in the conversation. This past year Kaplow launched a team of specialists dedicated to reaching the consumer through new and different channels tapping into blogs, podcasts, social networking sites, viral contests and online games. But even while there are more vehicles available to us to have conversations, the goal is the same: connecting people to one another and to the brands they care about. This “new era” of PR is less about technological takeover and more about using technology smartly to really open the door to the consumer.

The media landscape could evolve to a place where it’s completely unrecognizable from the way it was ten years ago, but if you can still get to know your client as well as they know themselves and be able to translate their message for the masses targeting the right audiences, you remain invaluable to the conversation.

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