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The public relations industry is not for the faint of heart. After all, Career Cast named Public Relations as the seventh most stressful job in 2012. One of the most stressful tasks that all publicists, no matter their career level, are charged with is pitching their clients to the media.

Over my career, I’ve had the chance to work with all sorts of clients—toy brands, food brands, e-commerce sites, general consumer brands and now….fashion? So, how does a guy have success pitching a style-focused brand such as Zobha to, generate a guest blog post on The Huffington Post for the Avon Foundation for Women, or place customized products from on the Los Angeles Times’ All The Rage blog?

It’s simple actually – treat the media like a love interest. (No, seriously!) Here are some Goon-isms to securing a placement, no matter the product or outlet:

  • Research Your Person of Interest – Just like someone you’re interested in, do your research! Read their stories or blog posts, watch their segments and really get a feeling of what they cover
  • Keep It Short & Get to the Point – When you ramble, you tend to over sell and miss the original point. Whether you’re asking for an interview, or a review of a product or service, make sure you state the purpose in the first paragraph/opening. If your pitch is “a great one,” (just like you’re a great guy/gal) it shouldn’t take long to explain it. Keep your pitches to roughly 150 words
  • Grab Their Attention When you’re trying to woo a top tier outlet (the person who everyone wants a date with) make sure you bullet, underline and italicize to grab the editor, blogger or producers’ attention
  • Show Off Your Assets – Go the extra mile. Be certain to offer samples, images or an interview for media to leverage for their story (similar to offering to pay the tab or being the driver)
  • Don’t Forget the Phone – Whatever happened to making a call? If email doesn’t work, pick-up the phone and have a conversation with them. The worst thing they can say is “No.”

Follow these Goon-isms and you’ll be good to go! Happy Pitching!

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  1. Thank you, you obviously understand the business and your suggestion about keeping it short and to the point is one everyone needs to hear, every day.  Thanks, Edward Smith 

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