Happy Veterans Day

As I sit at my desk after our Pizza Friday lunch, updating clients’ Facebook pages, interacting with beauty editors on Twitter and hopping on client calls, I think about the men and women in our Armed Forces and their average “Day in the Office.”  I can’t even imagine.

I always remember this anecdote my dad told me about my grandfather, who I affectionately referred to as “Pop-pop.” My dad was one of seven siblings and growing up in the ‘60s, all the kids in the neighborhood had fathers who had served in WWII.  While playing war in the yard one day, all the kids began role-playing the positions their fathers had been during the war.

“I’m being a fighter pilot because that’s what my father was in the war!”

“I’m being a radio operator!”

All of a sudden my dad and his brothers realized they had no idea what their dad did during the war. They ran to the backyard, bombarding him while he was building a swing set, and asked.  Distracted he replied, “I was a coward.”  Not detecting the sarcasm in his voice, the boys ran back to their friends and proudly declared: “We’re being cowards because that’s what OUR dad was in the war!”

My “Pop-pop” was not a coward.  He was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in the Philippines and to this day, we still do not know why he received it.

Members of the military never complain and never boast.  They give up their safety, their homes and time with their family and loved ones to protect you and I.  On behalf of Kaplow, we are so grateful to all the men and women who serve, or have served our country.  You allow us all the freedoms and comforts we enjoy every day.

Happy Veterans Day.

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