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When I first joined Kaplow and told my mom I was hired as a Community Producer, she was thrilled for me, but had absolutely no idea what that meant – I got a complete blank stare.

I understand that there is a generation gap between us – she loves Johnny Mathis and Criminal Minds, while I love Drake and Watch What Happens Live. But more than our differing entertainment preferences, my mom was a teacher and when she told other people what she did, they got it. For those of us with careers in the evolving world of social media and PR, the idea of what we actually do every day is a little less clear.

So how do you convey what you do every day to a parent?

I explained that brands need someone to tell their story to the thousands (if not millions) of fans they have online. I told her that brands have to be accessible in this age of the “super-consumer” and that I help do that.

Bringing a brand to life is what I love most about this job. It gives me a chance to be creative and give a little bit of flavor and humanity to things, like body lotion and hair products. You might not think a face scrub could be personified, but I assure you, it can!

Take St. Ives, for example. Their products are filled with fresh ingredients, are available at drugstores nationwide and provide simple, classic and effective skincare solutions. Our fans are passionate about their skin and love talking about their favorites and why they love them. Customers have so many options to choose from nowadays; we love helping St. Ives fans feel like they can identify with the brand and that we are listening and want to hear from them.

Interacting directly with fans is increasingly important in order to develop a loyal relationship between them and the brand. Consumers are inundated with choices. If you don’t make that personal connection with them, they will find another brand that will. It’s my job to make sure that they feel appreciated and loved, because they are!

So, after numerous conversations, I think my mom sort of understands what I do for a living. And if after a few more months she still doesn’t get it, I will be the first to suggest a “Bring Your Mom to Work Day” at Kaplow.

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