How To Influence The Influencers

Hello. My name is Jen.  I want to begin this conversation by telling you all about myself; then, I’ll let you know what you can do for me.

Anyone who has any right-brain function would know this exchange would not lead to a meaningful relationship.

But public relations (PR) is all about relationships, and while PR 101 teaches us about the importance of building relationships with editors and bloggers, this knowledge is often thrown out the window when we outreach to celebrities or other influencers on behalf of our brands. Have you ever thanked a company for sending you a free product or coupon? Probably not.  So, why do we think this blanket gifting approach will work with influencers?

When you outreach to a celebrity or influencer, treat it as if you are in the beginning stages of a new relationship. If you have no friends or are always the victim of failed relationships, below are a few tips to get you started.

First Impressions MatterAsk a couple that met on about their experience, and they’ll likely tell you that they were initially attracted to their partner’s picture and were impressed by the first message they received from that person. Similarly, your brand’s initial communication with an influencer will determine whether she wants to engage with you.  If you are sending products, make sure they are packaged, presented, and delivered in a way that is personalized for each recipient and also tells your brand’s story.

If Her Mom Likes You, You’re In: If you brought your high school girlfriend’s mother a bouquet of flowers on prom night, your prom picture is likely still on her family room mantle, next to your former sweetheart’s wedding picture.

No, we don’t need to impress a celebrity’s mother. We need to impress someone even more important – her publicist.

An influencer’s publicist or agent is her most trusted confidant and gatekeeper, so make just as big of an effort developing a relationship with him. Any time you send a gift to a celebrity, include a small gift and note for the publicist. Find out his client list and congratulate him when one of his clients scores a great press hit.

The next time he sends out an image of his client, he might ask her to rock an outfit from one of your brands.

Sincerity Rules: No one likes to feel used. Make sure you are staying true to yourself and your brand and are genuine with all communication.

Good luck with your celebrity outreach! If you have any tips of your own, we’d love to hear them

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