How to Win at Pitching

Awards season is big in the beauty industry, which always means an overload on “Get-the-Look” red carpet trend pitches in media’s inboxes.  So how can you make your pitch stand out from the crowd?  Here are some strategies to break through the clutter:

Timing is Everything – The day after any awards show, you can expect online editors to be flooded with an overwhelming amount of post-show pitches.  The old adage, the early bird gets the worm applies here, and it pays to send your pitch out the night of an event rather than the next day.  Another tactic: send the pitch the week prior to an awards show with a pre-awards prep focus.  While the pitch has to be more general and can’t include night-of images, it allows the products to take center stage and gives bloggers a different type of content to share.

Collaborate Cross-Agency – By including multiple brands in one pitch, you can offer a more complete translation of how the chosen trend or celebrity look is achieved.  This approach takes the pitch beyond a singular focus to offer editors a head-to-toe guide to the look.  It also appeals to a wider audience by offering more variety.  Once the conversation is started around one brand, it opens the door to pitch others.

Write from the Blogger’s Perspective – Since media is tasked with rapid, of-the-moment reporting around awards shows, write your pitch content and tips from the perspective of your contact to minimize editing on their end.  We’ve found that many times when pitches are written this way, bloggers will copy and paste the text almost word for word, ensuring quality coverage and key message pull-through.

Add Expert Input – While we may start to feel like beauty experts thanks to our constant pitch creation and proximity to industry leaders, it helps to include tips from the real thing!  Insider tips from an expert can help your pitch stand out from the pack and provides editors with the kind of proprietary content their readers crave.

The Oscars may be over but these tips can be applied to pitching other widely covered events like blockbuster movie premieres, fashion week and celebrity studded festivals throughout the year.

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