If Only The Tributes Had Twitter….







I couldn’t help thinking like a publicist while reading the Hunger Games trilogy.

I related to Haymitch off the bat. I thought he brilliantly leveraged the assets at hand and created a great love story for Katniss and Peeta. The PR-spun romance made me smile every time a parachute of snacks or medicine was delivered to the tributes. I imagined that to Haymitch, each parachute delivery must have felt the same way we publicists feel when we finally get that New York Times hit.

I then started thinking about how social media tools have changed our day-to-day lives. They could have really helped Katniss and her fellow competitors during the tributes, too! Below, are a few of the social media tactics I would have suggested during the tributes:

  • Katniss could have easily communicated the severity of her burn in 140 charters or less while hiding in that tree—even possibly adding a Twitpic or Instagram photo for good measure.
  • Peeta could have “checked in,” by the river via Facebook Places or foursquare. Katniss could have found him hours earlier! (Through privacy settings I’m sure he could have blocked others from seeing it…)
  • Gale may have increased his chances with Katniss by texting her sweet nothings. A girl needs some reassurance and a reminder of affection!
  • I think Rue would have had the most Facebook fans. They would have cheered her on and sent more packages to ensure her safety longer.
  • A Pinterest board of each tribute would have helped identify each’s interests and talents. I mean who were Foxface and Chaff anyway?
  • Quality meals seemed pretty hard to come by while fighting in the games…perhaps my favorite recipe app, Allrecipes.com, Dinner Spinner could have helped them whip up a mean twig and berry meal.

How would you have used social media to thrive and survive the Hunger Games?

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