Kaplow’s Guerilla Approach to St. Patrick’s Day Puts CafePress in the Spotlight

To align CafePress with the current news cycle and taking advantage of a seminal pop culture moment—Kaplow hit 5th Avenue in New York City to shower revelers at the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade with 2,500 free branded buttons celebrating the luck o’ the Irish.

Kaplow staffers strategically planned the guerilla outreach, planting teams along the parade route from 42nd Street and targeting heavy traffic areas such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center. Not only did Kaplow reach a mass of consumers with the CafePress message, but media as well—with WNYW FOX 5 and NY1 anchors donning the CafePress branded button during their live newscasts.

This guerilla approach and scrappy effort enabled us to reach consumers at the grassroots level in a fun and relevant way, building buzz for CafePress.

button_ny cp-st-p

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