Kaplow Accepts Consumer Agency of the Year Award at SABRE Ceremony

Last night, Kaplow accepted its Consumer Agency of the Year Award at the annual SABRE dinner and awards ceremony hosted by The Holmes Report.

We have seen tremendous change in our industry over the past 20 years. There are new tools and channels to reach the consumer every day, and there is more noise to cut through than ever before. But with all the change, the one constant that drives us forward is doing innovative, great work.  Whether we are helping to change a perception of a brand, diverting a crisis or engaging consumers with brand stories, it all comes back to doing innovative, great work.

Each individual is a crucial component to the success of our team, and we are thankful for the great work that each and every one of our team members contributes every day.  Thank you to the whole Kaplow family!

Kaplow Named Consumer Agency of the Year from Kaplow Communications on Vimeo.

Photos from the Awards dinner:

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