Kaplow and Target Celebrate Parent Inventors

Kaplow was tasked by Target Stores with raising awareness of innovative parent-invented products for the baby and toddler set. We jumped at the challenge! Afterall who knows babies better than moms and dads. Kaplow strategically crafted a media effort that primarily targeted mommy blogs – the leading influencers in the parenting media space to support news of creative new baby products from stroller pedometers to baby legwarmers and a timer to help sleep-deprived moms track feedings, naps and diaper changes, especially useful with twins!

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  1. Good! For investing in that kind of business. Check out also this link – There’s a Book in Here Somewhere. High jinks and misadventures in a family with two sets of twin boys — these are the kids you’re glad YOU didn’t have! The stories are funny, heartwarming, and just odd enough to be completely unique. I loved it! And the photos that go with the book are hilarious!

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