Kaplow Attends Mom 2.0 Summit

Stephanie Schwab, senior vice president of K:drive, recently attended the Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston, Texas, where 250 mom bloggers, marketing/PR executives, and brand leaders gathered to discuss ways  to create smarter web-based marketing, including using social media tools to engage audiences and build relationships.

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Stephanie joined mommy bloggers Stefania Pomponi Butler (CityMama), Amie Adams (Mamma Loves) and Ciaran Blumenfeld (Momfluential) for a panel titled “You Can’t Spell Progress Without PR.” The discussion focused on how PR and social media can build brands and create relationships with quality content, experiences and results.

Stephanie shared her key learnings from Mom 2.0:
•    Building strong relationships is the foundation for working with bloggers.
PR should work to understand the expertise and personality of the bloggers they are pitching, and should then carefully distinguish which types of pitches are appropriate for which bloggers–i.e. brand news, product reviews, giveaways,  etc.

•    Influence is measured in many ways.
It’s not just about views and blog traffic. Influence is also the ability to reach and engage with a high-quality audience, connecting in other social networking channels, offline engagement (involvement with traditional, mainstream media) and real-life involvement with local communities.

•    Success is not only measured by blog traffic or number of pitches sent.
Success can be evaluated on the quality of placement, which can include whether brand messages were delivered in an engaging way, and fan/reader engagement with the content.

Stephanie Schwab at mom 2.0
Stephanie in her '60s attire, en route to the Mom 2.0 Mad Men-themed party.

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