Kaplow Cheers on the Extended Family in Extreme Sporting Event

This past March, Rose Levy’s brother, Jacob, raced in the 2008 Iditarod, an 1,100-mile slog over Alaska’s punishing terrain in subzero weather.  It’s dubbed by some “the last great race on Earth.”  The Kaplow family cheered Jacob on from “mild” New York City, but Rose was lucky enough to travel to Alaska.  Rose was honored to ride in the sled for the ceremonial start. Look closely in the photo and you can see Rose behind Jacob wearing a big furry hat!  After three years of preparation, Jacobs was finally ready to go! Sixteen Alaskan huskies accompanied him on his trek from Anchorage to Nome and together they finished in 12 days.  Top mushers usually cross the finish line in 9 or 10 days, and the rear pack usually finishes in 16 to 17 days.  Jacob came in 68th out of 92 and luckily, still has all of his fingers and toes.  He is currently counting down the days until the next race.

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