Kaplow Em-Barks on Camp Bow Wow

Kaplow took its first field trip to visit new client, Camp Bow Wow. Camp Bow Wow is a doggy day camp where doting owners drop off their dogs in the morning and pick them up in the evening, or board them for an extended stay. On the trip, the Kaplow team took a dog’s eye view of the campers at the facility in Midland Park, New Jersey, one of nearly 200 opening across the country. They enjoyed watching the furry campers “ruff”-housing with their doggy counselors. Social interaction among the dogs is a key component of their stay at Camp Bow Wow. The Kaplow team was amazed to learn that doggie cliques form among the canine campers during their stay. “It was great to see how each dog was treated with a lot of care and we had so much fun playing with the pups all day,” said Kaplow’s Colleen Cleary.

The puppy passion of the Camp Bow Wow staff members was evident. And with all the Kaplow dog lovers on site, it was hard not to plan a field trip for the following day!


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