Kaplow Immerses mark. Interns into the World of PR

mark Interns at Kaplow
Kaplow has been a partner to mark. from the day we launched the brand over 5 years ago as a network of young women who sell first-to-market, exclusive beauty products, fragrances and accessories.

So when mark. began planning its 2009 summer intern program — an opportunity for a coterie of its top college reps to spend a summer in-house lending their energies to key brand initiatives — mark.  naturally thought of Kaplow.

mark. selected intern Lauren Montemaro, a Quinnipiac University honor student, to spend her internship externally: she is based at Kaplow this summer.  Through this integration, Lauren has learned the mark. business from the perspective of an agency partner.

To give her fellow interns a glimpse into her experience, Lauren recently hosted the entire intern group for an in-depth look at the role of PR.  From Liz Kaplow’s industry secrets and insider insights, to special guest Jorge Ramon’s celebrity stylist tips on dressing for success in PR careers, the mark. intern team enjoyed an immersion into a day in the life of Kaplow.

mark.’s interns are already stars in the beauty business – and Kaplow is so fortunate to be a partner to their development.

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