Kaplow Leads Olga Web Site Redesign

The Kaplow team spearheaded the creative project to redesign and relaunch Warnaco’s Olga brand Web site – www.olgaintimates.com.  The redesign was part of a broader strategy to reintroduce the Olga brand and showcase the new wire-free bra collection, while aesthetically reflecting Olga’s commitment to everyday indulgence.

The Web site contains new Kaplow-developed elements such as Your Bra Concierge – offering expert bra advice and answers in real time – and testimonials from real women who love their Olga bras.  Also part of the redesign is the Fit Event Finder, a tool to help women find one of the free Olga bra fit events this fall.  Stop by www.olgaintimates.com to be part of the brand relaunch and find your everyday indulgence.

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